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February 13, 2006

avisynth to the rescue

unable to find the time to get gbpvr working on v5, i've been forced to go back to the old dv bridge (the pre-summer 2004 capture device) to capture pal.

now, this isn't like the days of yore when i would capture pal nes and get several frames dropped every second - the standalone tbc ensures that few frames are dropped, and following from pal's superior image reproduction, the image quality is quite acceptable. a few minor problems still cropped up, but nothing warranting any further delays in releasing the now-ancient prince of persia run or the amazing new mega man runs from freddy andersson. i will simply replace the videos with better ones when i get gbpvr working.

incidentally, the delay there is not so much gbpvr's or my fault, but rather that gbpvr is exactly what it sounds like - a pvr, and not some random capture program like vdub. what i am trying to do - get it to simply display and capture s-video in - seems to be very difficult for it, and people are encouraged to look to other programs (such as graphedit or vdub) if they need to do what i need to do. the problem is, i have read that you can force the region using gbpvr with a tv wonder elite, and that is exactly what i need to do.

and now for the main focus of this entry ... upon opening the .avs file in virtualdub for the mega man 4 run, i noticed that it was jumping up and down exactly one pixel every other half-frame. thinking it was probably a symptom of either freddy's vcr, the horrid pal nes video signal, my old dv bridge, or maybe even all three, i googled for a solution and found this page.

using a .avs file inspired by the information at the bottom of that page, i was able to successfully correct the jumping without applying any quality-mangling filters in vdub. as always, i've provided before and after videos for your enjoyment.

that .avs file can be used to correct any f2 (half framerate) frequency jumping in any video. unfortunately, it can't help with insipidmuckywater's recent genesis runs, as that motion was far too irregular to even attempt an automated correction with a fixed measurement.

Posted by njahnke at February 13, 2006 11:12 AM


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